After months of speculation and testing, Google has announced the latest version of its most popular mobile operating system. Called as Android Lollipop, this recent mobile platform equips more than 5,000 APIs. It has a fresh artistic style called Material Design, which is designed to give consistent look and feel across different Android-based devices. As far as the user interface is concerned, this time it is more responsive and intuitive with natural motions and realistic lighting elements including shadows.

According to the search engine giant Google, “Lollipop made for a world where moving throughout the day means interacting with a bunch of different screens—from phones and tablets to TVs. With more devices connecting together, your expectation is that things just work.”

Google further revealed that when using the one-of-a-kind battery saver feature of this most recent version of mobile OS, the life of the devices running on Android Lollipop will be extended by as much as 90 minutes. This particular feature of the phone will prove to be of great help for anyone that has to recharge their devices again and again. Using this feature, you can see the battery level of your device and how long will it take to charge it. It is the first time that battery saver feature has been included in a mobile platform.

The new operating system also includes some outstanding security as well as notification features. In order to offer you optimum security, the operating system supports a kill switch, which makes using a stolen device quite completely impossible. This time, Google has also turned on the encryption by default to keep any kind of security snafus at bay. Notifications have also been updated that will enable users to hide sensitive updates and prioritize notifications accordingly. Furthermore, you can view and respond to messages right from the lock screen. And if you want, you can schedule a quiet time to silence notifications.

Right now the current version of Android, Lollipop will come on devices, including Nexus 9 tablet,  Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 smartphones and the Nexus Player set-top box. And in the coming week, it will be available for download on Google Play devices and Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 10.