The market contribution of Android is emerging day by day and you can see new models in every week. The main contender in the smartphone and tablet computer sector is Apple iOS. There are some big names that are showing more interest in Android such as HTC and Motorola.

ComScore reported that Android is now climbing the rank and it is now at second spots by outshining Apple. BlackBerry still tops the chart with 31.6 percent market share in US. Android is on second spot with 28.7 percent of US Smartphone market share, swiping out Apple’s OS, which accounts for 25 percent of the market. While if we see the third quarter results then we can see that Apple was on second spot with 24.3 percent share followed by Android with 21.4 percent share, as reported by ComScore.

ComScore’s ranking also shows that BlackBerry maker RIM dropped 5.7 point from the third quarter. The fourth spot was grabbed by Microsoft, which launched its new Windows Phone 7 platform in October followed by HP’s Palm, which detained 3.7 percent of the Smartphone market.

If we observe the quarter, then we can find that only Android and Apple showed improvements in Smartphone market share among the top five contenders. The Smartphone market is growing as always. During the quarter, more than 63.2 million people in the US owned Smartphone; it shows a 60 percent increase from the fourth quarter of 2009.

A recent report from Canalys says that Android’s rise in the US market reflects its immense growth worldwide. Here ComScore presents the entire mobile landscape, not just Smartphones. Samsung is the leading brand with 24.8 percent US subscriber in the fourth quarter. Samsung was also the single handset maker along with the top five to see its mounting share during the quarter. LG, Motorola, RIM, and Nokia were others in the ComScore’s list of top handset makers.

ComScore’s report also pointed out people’s different means of using their cell phones. Apart from talking on their phones, more people use their cell phones for SMS (68 percent) and mobile browsing (36.4 percent). Other top activities done by people are using downloaded apps (34.4 percent), accessing social network sites (24.7 percent), playing games (23.2 percent), and listening to music (15.7 percent).

Android is now one of the most famous mobile OS today. The reports given above just reflects how it is growing day-by-day with more number of users are buying these phones. Apple is not far behind and it is aggressively advertizing its new products.