Google continues to compete with other mobile app stores. Once again, the company updated that more than 3 million apps are stored in the Android Market.

Google is recognized as an important exhibitor for an event like the Mobile World Congress. Last year too, the company could create a center of attention in MWC just by sharing about apps developed for Android smartphones and tablets. Undoubtedly, Android is a terrific innovation and there are millions of apps posted for different purposes. Recently, it has been reported that in MWC 2012, Google has disclosed that the Android Market is holding about 450 million apps. Not only this, approximately 1 billion apps are downloaded within a single month. However, there is still some more time left to cross Apple’s app store.

In a blog post, Andy Rubin ( SVP for Mobile) mentioned “If you walk around the Android stand, it’s also evident that our hardware partners are thriving. There are 100+ devices on display at the conveyor belt bar, which is just a small portion of the 800+ Android devices that have launched to date.” And as new Android tablets are going to come later this year, the figure mark for apps will definitely go on top.