Android came up as an operating system for mobile devices from Google and is gradually doing milestones as any other products that have been authored by Google in the past. The company is in a competition with a rival at every front and that is what drives Google run faster and grow with an exponential graph when it comes to achievements. The Android and Apple’s iOS have been in a tough competition for a while and both the contenders are trying their best to get to the top.

The application development started in November last year with the launch of the first ever Android Smartphone known as the Droid. The pace of development of applications increased back in April and May when the Droid Incredible was launched. Google further decided to give free Evo 4G handsets to all the developers who were present at the Google I/O conference in this year. The developers present at the conference were all those who were sincerely committed to Android.

The Latest achievement

The latest achievement that has been in the air for quite a few days is the news that Google’s Android is going to hit some 100,000 application by the end of this month. The Android store is said to have over 90,000 applications currently present. The month of June accounts for some 15,000 applications being produced and the said target can be easily expected by the end of this month. The growth rate with which the number of Android applications is being made is increasing drastically over the previous months.

The number of applications that have been said earlier is not confirmed by officials from Google and the number of application stated has been from alternative sources. The company itself is quite conservative in showing off the exact figure to the public.

The Future is Android

The slogan seems quite powerful and meaningful after all the current happening in the world of application development. A number of application developers were interviewed previously who were of the point of view that the Android OS is open to cross platform developments unlike Apple’s iOS therefore there is a subtle chance that people would shift to Android once more and more applications would be available. Developers also tend to prefer Google’s Android over Apple’s iOS.

The trend has been backed up by the recent development in the Android development and with the striking of this milestone, Android store would come closer to the iPhone’s App store that has an estimated 225,000 application as per stated by the officials maintaining the count on the website. The drastic change of number of application in the Android store from 50,000 to 100,000 from April to July is clear evidence that the number of application in the Android store would cross those in the Apple App store pretty soon.

Google has been accused of focusing on application that is free instead of applications that are based on quality but this is coming up as an excellent trend amongst the developers who take this as a chance to learn the skill behind Android development. Significant platforms like Amazon have started shifting on Android while their application was only available in Apple.