Nowadays markets are banged with the different models of smart phones. Smart phones are cell phones that are capable of running latest mobile operating systems. Along with the basic functionality of cell phones, they provide an operating system platform to run plenty of mobile applications. Among the major brand of cell phone manufacturers Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola, take a good hold over the market of smart phones.

The latest Operating system available for smart phones is Android operating system. Different brand of cell phone manufactures provide Android capable cell phones in market. For example, Nokia has developed its own operating system known as Symbian Operating system which is available in its various cell phone models. HTC is much popularly known for its Mobile Windows operating system platform. The high end product of these mobile companies avails latest Operating system platform for cell phones.

Android Operating system is the latest and most advance Operating system available for Smartphone these days. Almost all major brands of cell phone manufactures have their Android version. The reason behind the popularity of Android Operating System is the support for latest applications along with the minimal usage of system resource.

A plenty of applications are available for Android operated cell phones. These applications can be downloaded and installed in Android cell phones with the help of a active internet connection. One of such application that is popular among the user is ATM Hunter. ATM Hunter is a mobile application that helps you to find out the location of an ATM Machine. This application runs with the support of GPS system available in high end mobiles. In this way you can find out the nearest ATM machine and in the case of emergency, you need not to ask anybody for the nearest ATM machine. In this way, this application saves your lot of time, if you run out of cash in the case of emergency.

The latest news for the smart phone users of Google’s Android Operating system is that MasterCard Inc. has launched their compatible version of ATM Hunter application. Now the users of Android operating system can also run this application on their Android cell phones to find out the location of nearest ATM Machine.

Through this application the ATM cardholder can feed the data about their current location and the application program displays the nearest ATM Machine with the help of GPS system available in the Smartphone.

ATM Hunter application was originally launches for the Apple’s iPhone. In 2009 this application was available only for the users of iPhone. In early 2010 this application was developed for BlackBerry Smartphone. This application runs very smoothly on these Smartphone models. Also, this application is appreciated by many users worldwide.

The past consecutive years are the proof of grand success of this application on Smartphone. So, the arrival of this application was natural for Android Operating System in this year.