Android Operating System by Google is proving to be a trump card for google. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) has led to overwhelming sales for Android OS smartphones which is ranked first among all smart phone OS handsets sold in the U.S and has a market share of 43.6 %. It enjoys a market share of over 200 000 apps. Android is the brain child of the Open Handset Alliance headed by Google.

Millennial Media in its September 2010 report said that “for the first time Android revenue exceeded iPhone-only revenue on our network amidst strong raw iOS impression growth.” Android has 46% of the impression share, up 8%, in comparison to Apples 32 %, down 12%, this December. RIM (Blackberry is down to 16%).

According to  Millenial media requests for Android ads have grown by a whooping 141 percent from the third to fourth quarter of the past year and Android has seen a 3130 percent increase on the Millennial network, in comparison Apple showed just a 12 percent quarter-to-quarter growth. Google currently is at no 2 position in terms of total Mobile usage of its OS with 26% market in its hands, Apple is at a close 3rd with 25% market in its hands and Blackberry is still on top with 33.5% market in its control.

Apples iOS is Apples Operating System for its iPhone and also for iPod Touch and iPad. It is not available for use on third party hardware. It caters to over 300 000 applications available on Apples App market. It controls 15.4% of the smartphone industry behind Blackberry and Symbian.

Android in the third quarter of last year has seen a jump in sales at the expense of RIM and iOS with Android having 44% and iOS having 23% and RIM having 22% of the market share. Also the new releases of android enabled phone like EvoX and DroidX in comparison to RIM Blackberry Torch has led to Blackberry losing out.  Also Androids availability on any carrier in US are boosting its sales in comparison to Apple. Also Androids Developer tools come at no charge.

Apple however continues to be the top manufacturer in Millennial’s release with the winning combo of iPhone and iPod Touch in first and third place and the iPad in eighth place, holding their own against 16 Android different devices in the top 30 devices on Millennial’s survey.

It is a fierce fight for the top revenue but AppleiOS might just be dwarfed with the sheer no of Android enabled handsets and the ever increasing app store for android. The two competitors were earlier neck to neck before Android toppled Apple from the top place and is now comfortably seated and gaining lead. It’s not surprising that HTC and other handsets and even carriers are finding it profitable to jump onto the Android Bandwagon.