Skype is a software application with which users can make the voice calls on the Internet. Along with the voice calls, it also provides other services such as file transfer, voice conferencing, messaging etc. Some of the services are free and some are chargeable as per the scheme taken by user. It is the leader as on date in the VOIP category all over the world. Everyday, somewhere around 150000 new users register with Skype and there are more than 42 million users registered with Skype till date.

Introduction of new scheme of Skype

Skype has announced a new and very attractive scheme for its Skype Out customers. This scheme is that all the users under this Skype Out scheme will be able to access to the toll free numbers absolutely free of cost. They don’t need to pay anything for calling on any toll free numbers anywhere in the world. This is a very effective and helpful move taken by Skype allowing it to lead in the market.

The time since the company started, Skype has been able to attract the users and more than 140 million downloads give the proof of the same. At this stage, when now Skype has announced this new scheme of accessing the toll free numbers free, this is great news for its users motivating them further to download Skype. Along with this, there has been one more announcement and that is regarding the VoIP rates. At the one year launch anniversary, the company announced that it will reduce the VoIP rates by 15% on an average. At present, Skype supports this facility to only some countries and limited number ranges. In meantime, it will start this facility for the rest of the countries also. The supported countries along with the number ranges currently are France with the range +33 800, +33 805, +33 809, Poland with the number range +48 800, USA with the range +1 800, +1 866, +1 877, +1 888 and UK with the range +44 500, +44 800, +44 808.

How this call to toll free number scheme works:

In the address bar on the Internet, user has to enter the phone number in an international format such as +44 for UK, +1 for USA etc and then the user has to click the green button. Those numbers can also be added to the contact list of the user and can name it a “coach” or anywhere else you are calling. This free calling is effective at the same moment as soon as the call is made. Wherever the client of Skype is available, the free calls facility is supported on all those platforms.

Thus, Skype has introduced an ultimate scheme for its users and given them the access to use the toll free numbers free of cost. This can act as an incentive for the new users of Skype. The users have now the expectations that this facility should be extended free for all Skype to Skype calls also.