Facebook users seem to have got enough of the template look of the website and are moving towards creating a trend of building their own social networking websites with the help of social networks like SocialGO. Customization is no more a hurdle for the creators of new social networking sites. A survey commissioned by web security site Sophos reveals that over 60 percent of the users on Facebook have quit visiting the site because of privacy issues. Users have found themselves to be strolling with bored air and losing trust in the social networking site especially because of its constantly changing and deceptive security settings. Facebook fans have come to a new halt and would rather like to experiment with new models.

Instead of plainly accepting what the networking site has been laying out to its users, thousands of users have drifted away from the concerns of the website and moved into creating their own social networking sites that are safer and easy to keep in touch with. The users in their new and own websites can easily keep in touch with select group of friends, colleagues and people with a sense of belonging and shared interests.

With the help of social networks like SocialGO, denizens who have begun to crowd the cyberspace can customize their site within just a few minutes. They can perform actions like selecting a template from a variety of templates and adding features to their web pages like those similar to Facebook (status updates, messaging etc). in contrast to the colossus website, user can customize their own privacy settings, personal URL, permissions as well as hosting the website on their personal domain. This helps to make ones own white label social network page or platform especially for businesses that wish to use their own solution. The network helps the users with a great deal of support in creating interactive platforms like blogs, discussion forums, video chats, event calendars, shared photos et cetera. SocialGO also has a feature known as “concierge”, which gives the users the support they require while building and integrating their website.

Thousand of users on the web have already begun to use the social network’s services for various purposes that range from professional to personal. Some of these include business associations, fan clubs, organizations, ecommerce retailers and a colossal number of interest groups like pet lovers, video gaming insiders et cetera.

A lot of dissatisfied Facebook users have increased over the last month as is visible on the “quit Facebook day” page. It has witnessed a substantial growth in the number of fan followers, which stands at 34,000 currently. This makes it pretty sure that the business of creating and customizing new networking sites is destined to grow over the next few years as the number of people willing to design their own sites keeps increasing.