There’s no surprise about Google acquiring a new company again. After all, Google has made it public that it will purchase at least one company per month. What’s different this time, however, along with the Agnilux, it managed to acquire a bevy of talented engineers and programmers.

Agnilux, is a hardware-startup company—dealing with chips or semiconductors more precisely—developed by former Apple and TiVo employees. The company was started by former P.A. Semi employees that Apple acquired 2008. Scott Redman, a former TiVo software architect also co-founded the company.  Other than the obvious talented people running this company, there is not much information about it.

Last February, the New York Times however tried to speculate that Agnilux might be working on some kind of a server chip. But with Redman on board, visions of Google’s TV future is also listed as one of the possibilities.

The Agnilux site was already taken down so there’s not much to go further with. What’s different about Google’s acquisition of Agnilux? Well, for starters the company is buried under layers of enigma. That alone is enough to fire up a raging rumor mill. Whether this was a conscious effort in Agnilux’ part or Google’s remains mystery. Well, at least, while no one on both camps become a babble head. It is clear however in Google’s history with its acquisitions that it sees a promising future in taking the company under its wings. The talent alone that comes with the company is reason enough for some.