Antispyware Soft, also known as AntispywareSoft and Anti-spyware Soft Demo, is another powerful rogue antispyware application from the same family as Anti-virus Soft, it is guaranteed to cause you many computer problems as well as try everything within its power to try and steal your money with the use of malicious tricks and tactics that include a fake system scan, fake system scan report results as well as fake computer security notifications. Its main goal is to convince users to purchase the full version of the Antispyware Soft which doesn’t exist.

Once Antispyware Soft is installed, it infiltrates the user’s PC without their approval or knowledge. Antispyware Soft is advertised through the use of advertisements that pretend to be online scanners.

The software prompts the user to install the full version of Antispyware Soft, in order to fix the user’s system. The downloaded scanner is a scam and should not be installed.

Antispyware Soft will start every time your computer is booted. It will then scan your computer and state that your computer can run more efficiently if you purchase Antispyware Soft and let it optimize your computer.

It has been shown that by just having Antispyware Soft running on a computer you can make the computer system slower and less efficient. Antispyware Soft is damaging to a computer system, once it has fully embedded itself within the machine, it is also given a high priority security risk status by many computer analysts.

If you want to know if you have Antispyware Soft in your system, use an anti-spyware application to do a full. If your system is infected, the application will show this and give you various remedies.

The best way to deal with the threat of Antispyware Soft is to simply remove all of its affiliated components. Antispyware Soft is dangerous and needs to be removed immediately upon detection. You have the option of the manual removal process or the automatic removal process. You need to be aware of the factor that the automatic process is going to be your best option and investing in a decent antispyware removal tool is the way to go.

Removing the software manually is very difficult for someone without extensive knowledge of computers, because you stand the risk of damaging parts of the system which may render it unusable.

The steps for manual removal

1. Boot the system. Before the Windows OS launches, hit the “F8” key. Select “Safe Mode with   Networking” using the arrow keys, then press ENTER.
2. On Internet Explorer’s Tools menu, click on Internet Options.
3. Click on the Connections tab, and click on the button that says LAN settings.
4. You will now be on the LAN settings window. Uncheck the Use a proxy server for your LAN check-box and press OK.
5. Proceed to download an anti-spyware tool from various vendors e.g. malware bytes or Windows defender.