“Hacking” by cyber criminals has been a common buzz word for the past few years. But now it turns out that cyber criminals are resorting to more organized means of affecting computers around the world. One of these means if through creating a rouge antivirus, which cautions users that they have a virus on their computer. Since the antivirus appears as genuine software, computer users accept the download of the rogue antivirus. Instead of providing protection, the rouge antivirus installs software to steal your personal information or corrupt your files. This double deception is just one of the techniques through which Antivirus 2011 can affect your computer. How should you safeguard your computer? Some of the steps that you can take to safeguard your computer are as follows:

  • Download the latest virus definition which includes Antivirus 2011.
  • Do not accept any software to scan your computer for viruses while you are surfing on the Internet.
  • Increase the security firewall on your computer, through adjusting the properties of your antivirus.
  • Do not authenticate any request which asks for downloading any software while you are on the Internet.

Is your computer infected Does your computer have the following symptoms?

  • Slow performance of your computer while surfing through the Internet.
  • Display of multiple pop-ups
  • Browsers changes
  • Home page changes

If you feel that your computer is infected by these symptoms, please download a 2011 virus patch urgently.