Bebo, is one of the famous social networking site in Britain, had planned to end up their website, since they are not able to hold up their users with this competitive Face book.

A huge sum of $850 million investment has now come to an end, which was shocking news for the employees of AOL. Bebo is still famous among peoples in Britain and Ireland, but the users rating has come down across the world, and the audience in US is the cause for the down of AOL business.

“Since Bebo’s business has come to an end, is in need for one more big investment to compete in this fast growing social networking space, “said Jon Brod, AOL Ventures.

Bebo complete statement will be summarized by May, and still no buyers have come forward. AOL sadly accepts the analyst report that they will be getting only fraction of their investment.

My Space’s and Bebo’s user were been transferred to FaceBook, since few years and this two sites had become a big victim of the social community giant, FaceBook, development established by the British Business magnet Michael Birch and his friend Xochi in 2005.

Bebo has turned over as a youth site for the age group between 18-24 but they expecting audience at that age group. It has very famous in Britain and Ireland.

An early user had come forward to say the cause of Bebo’s death. “Bebo was seems to be very crazy in the starting” – said Conor Buchanan a 18 years old learner from Northumberland. It was stylish to use it. All over many in schools will get stricken to Bebo and it was very interesting.

The birth of FaceBook has inspired all the youth, since there was vast difference from Bebo like playing games with friends, sharing scores. Bebo all of sudden has become immature.

Jenny Bartley, 17, an A-level student from Devon, said: “I have switched myself to FaceBook just to have contact with all my friends since they too switched from Bebo to FaceBook just because Bebo cannot give features as of in the FaceBook.

Market research company Nielsen gave a statistical report of user has gone Down from the year 2005, 5.8 million to 1.8 million, same time users have raised from 15 million to 23 .5 million in FaceBook.

America has taken a major part for the failure of Bebo, since 210 millions use FaceBook said COM Score, a web Statistical company.

The major cause for the downfall of Bebo’s is just because it was undertaken by a very big company like AOL; they are least bother about the ethics and enthusiasm of previous owners of the company.

Nate Elliott who is the principal analyst with Forrester Research said, “All social sites is suffering from this problems and soon FaceBook too will face this problem very soon.”

Five reasons for failure

  1. Money
  2. Doing posting images, videos will all cost money to be alive on the server.

  3. The crowd has moved on
  4. There is no use of being still famous, a huge crowd of 210 million users have moved to face book.

  5. Parental concern
  6. The youthful demographic approach of this site created problem. Tales of paedophile stalking created rumor and panic which triggered parents stopping their offspring use this site.

  7. Advertising
  8. Bebo has failed to focus on advertisement, as the issue of that, the new riggings wear not be able to reach the new user group.

  9. It belongs to “The Man”
  10. Face book success is because of its perceived independence. When a very big corporate sector takes over this world, they will not be able to concentrate properly.