The Apple’s website is counting up  to the milestone, at a very reasonable rate suggesting that the 10 billionth will be downloaded sometime in next week. They promoting it very aggressively and announced a whopping $ 10,000 iTunes voucher to the person who downloads the milestone app.  Furthermore this competition is not only limited to US and the terms and condition only states that you have to be more than 13 years old and should also be a legal resident of a participating App Store country.

If you are a UK citizen, you can land a 6,300 pound iTunes voucher. As an optimist, we are hoping that Apple will follow its traditional hardware-pricing policies and whack on an extra grand or two for Blighty. Apple’s App store has grown very rapidly, as it was launched in July 2008 and since then it took nine months to reach its first billion downloads. But in October last year, they announced that App store had passed the seven billion downloads mark. So, one can easily calculate that iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users are currently downloading one billion apps a month. But different analyst has different views, and one of them is the US research firm Asymco. They are estimating that, on average, every iOS users have downloaded 60 apps for their device.

Android phones are also getting popular these days and it has also Android market place, where an Android users can download more than 70,000 applications including music, videos, software etc. but still Apple’s App store is way ahead of Android, Android will take some time to expand its consumer base. Apple has the advantage having its own phone with own iOS, that makes a great advantage for Apple App store. As we are seeing the current rise in the Application downloads, Apple will soon see its 10 billionth download. In spite of competition from its rivals, they are hoping a great rise in their customer base.