There was an email sent to the registered third-party developers of Apple. Through this email, Apple is soliciting submissions for the upcoming Safari Extension Gallery. This is a curated collection of extensions that will be created for the latest version of the company’s desktop Web browser. Apple has not given the exact date for the unveiling of the gallery but they have announced that it will be launching soon.

They have not mentioned the exact criteria that the company plans to apply to the new browser when they decide whether a particular extension is worth including in their gallery. Apple only says that this new Gallery will offer the selected extensions that will give their users new and innovative experiences.

During the time of submission, the developers have been given the opportunity to classify their extension into one or more various categories. These depend on the extensions intended use, for example, blogging development, e-mail, etc. It also has to be based on the kind of functionality they can offer the users of Safari Web browser. This can be based on the extension’s application to the browser’s toolbar or whether it can run silently in the background.

The interesting thing about this is that Apple is not planning on distributing the extensions themselves; rather the developers are expected to host all of the distribution of the files on their own Websites. Cupertino will only be there to provide the links. All of these extensions will be signed with digital certificates so it only makes sense that Apple has decided to do it this way. However, this is a cause for concern for most of the distributors because they are wondering how Apple can prevent the ill-intentioned developers from silently switching the distribution files without alerting the company to their activities.

Safari Web Browser Public and Developer Considerations

Also, there seems to be the question of how the Gallery is going to work for both the users and the developers. Usually, the support for the Safari extensions are turned off and can only be enabled by the users. This makes the whole concept unclear because the Gallery is designed to be a part of Safari itself, just like in Firefox.

It is unsure whether it will be in the form of a Web page that Apple will be maintaining or just take the form of its Mac OS X Download section. In cases like these, the Web page might just push a Safari update that will enable the system or just publish the instructions for their users to enable and install the new and improved extensions for their Safari Web browser.

Explanations, Explanations

Either way, Apple has a lot of explaining to do before the developers can safely put their bets in this business venture because nowadays, if your product doesn’t sell, you can only wish you didn’t place your investment in the first place. Most of the Apple Safari Web browser users want form and functionality, so if the new Safari Web browser can give this to them, then it will be better for everyone involved.