Recently Google announced its subscription plans for viewing and accessing digital content. This was again in competition with Apple’s subscription plans for mobile applications. Apple just a day before Google took this step announced the details of its new billing system for the Apple Store. According to the new billing system by Apple, users can buy the digital content from Apple Store at the same price which was offered by the original content provider or from any other website. So if any website prices its digital content for 1 dollar on its website then it has to offer the same price for its Apple App store customers, however, 30% of any sales done from within the Apple Store will go to Apple. This can be because of the increasing user base of Apple Store and more and more people rely on their iPhone Apps rather than on the actual website. On similar grounds Google announced its new service for digital content publishers. This service is named as “One Pass” and with this service, publishers can set a price for their digital content. Now the day is not far when newspaper companies will put some charge for reading their online news paper.

Apple is charging 30% of the total amount and this has been criticized by the digital content publishers. Google has priced its commission to just 10% of the amount and this will again be a plus point. One Pass seems more favorable to the publishers and many of them have already signed up this new service by Google. To support and to make their service more popular and accepted by the publishers, Google stated in the Wall Street Journal that Google wants to help the publishers in making the benefit, and the 10% commission which Google is charging is only against its cost for this service. Google will not at all come in between the publishers and the customers and will not enforce the publishers to sell there products only from Google.