This is not a news Steve Jobs would be happy about. But every day is not a Sunday. Though Apple is always at the top of its game, but as they say, “Everyone has a bad hair day.” And it’s Apple’s time, to have one now.

It was in 2009, when Apple offered to exchange a few defective pieces of iPod Nano in Korea. But this time, it’s time for the worldwide customers to bear the brunt. Apple has issued a recall of its first generation iPod Nano that were sold in between September 2005 and December 2006. The issue is being traced to a single battery supplier that produced batteries with manufacturing defects. These defective batteries might lead to overheating. Though no report of mishap is reported, but the ageing batteries are at risk.

If you are the one, who are still using iPod Nano first generation and have bought during the above-mentioned time period, then Apple will happily swap it with new ones. It will take Apple six weeks to do so, according to its website. If you are one of those who are a user, this is what you got to do:

1) Check your serial number here.

2) If your number matches, click here Apple will replace your iPod Nano in 6 weeks.

Last year it was Antennagate that brought Apple in a hard position, but it was almost resolved by a quick fix solution.

Now with Batterygate infront of it, will it rock the empire of Apple? At best Tim Crook will come on the stage assuring the love of Apple for its customer. But this wind in Apple’s empire will soon die out; it seems. After a year iPhone 5 will be launched. And most probably it will again capture the market, raking the highest moolah among its competitors. Let us hope that the hue and cry that has been brought by this Batterygate will soon be forgotten in front of the shine and grandeur of iPhone 5.

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