With Apple launching the iAd patform, it has become obvious as to why the developer terms of iOS 4 was changed last month to exclude third party ad platforms compatibility from its apps. The previously supported ad networks such as Google AdMob, were supposed to become incompatible on iOS 4 apps. However the changes were not been made effective, thus iPhone and iPad apps modified with AdMob is still accepted.

Google AdMob

AdMob was acquired by Google back in May, in order to serve ads within mobile apps, specially within iPhone and iPad apps. However the latest changes in iOS 4 developer terms were not friendly towards non-independent ad networks such as AdMob. Perhaps Apple wants total control over how user data is accessed within their platforms.

The launch of Apples iAd

May be Apple had other plans while AdMob and such other third party ad networks are crippled within iPhone apps. The launch of iAd, a new ad platform from Apple themselves was scheduled right after the edition of the developer terms. Such a plan is not illegal in business neither are they uncommon. But when it comes to providing the best for both consumers and the developers, Apple had not lived up to the standards.

Developer terms

iOS 4 developer terms were adjusted so that non-independent ad providers such as AdMob were restricted of accessing user data, which in effect would cause AdMob to be incompatible with iPhone and iPad apps. However the terms were changed nothing seem to be put to work so far. AdMob integrated app developers have one less worry, at least for now.

AdMob’s complaint

AdMob has recently filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, as a result of which the Trade Commission is keeping a close eye on the mobile business practices of Apple. Has AdMob done enough to actually delay the changes to the terms being put to work? May be, but for how long…

iOS 4 reverts back

Now the iOS 4 platforms and apps within operate as usual, just as they used to work before the changes. Nobody really knows why Apple has started accepting AdMob integrated apps again. Nevertheless its been a reality that just because Apple has control over iOS 4 operating system, it doesn’t mean Apple can restrict whatever they wish regardless of the consequences to consumers and the developers.

The important thing is that its as though nothing really changed in the iOS 4 developer terms, except actually there are nominal adjustments that are not being actioned upon. Since iPhone and iPad ad platforms are revenue generating points, Apple wanted to provide their newly launched iAd with maximum opportunity by eliminating or minimizing potential competitors. Only place where Apple made a mistake was to leave both consumers and developers out of the equation.