In the earlier times of the year 2008, Steve Jobs announced Snow Leopard, an Operating System for Mac users but it wasn’t until the second quarter of 2009 that it was publicly unveiled. Selling at a meager price of $29 for a single user license at its first release, Mac supporters worldwide immediately grabbed the new operating system making its sales reach greater heights than as projected. Compared to its other predecessors, the release of the seventh and current major operating system from Apple was equipped with goals of improved performance and more efficiency.

Now, two years after its release, Snow Leopard has been recently added with software to protect its users from a Trojan horse distributed by attackers often disguised as iPhoto. Released just last Tuesday, this surprise update can now be used by Mac users for added security and stability of their system.

The latest version of Snow Leopard called OS X 10.6.4 has been issued with solutions to problems of compatibility. Further, the developers secretly updated the Xprotect.plist file before the release of this new operating system version.

The said file contains the numerous signatures of malware written to target Macintosh users and now that it comes in an updated version, the signatures are able to detect malware dubbed as “HellRTS”. This malware is the Trojan horse being pointed at that can cause spamming, automatic taking of screenshots, and unknown accessing of files among others. At worst cases, the Trojan horse can get so devious that it can take control over the user’s entire Mac system.

A malware, short term for malicious software, is designed by many computer attackers to take over any computer system without the knowledge of the owner. It can include viruses, worms, spyware, root kits, and the famous Trojan horse. Trojan horses have been affecting the Mac system over a long period of time already being disguised as local Mac software.

Users can easily be deceived so the said type of malware gets access to the entire system right away and within a little amount of time, the system can bug down. Though palliative measures to control attacks were being developed, the Trojan horse continued to attack users at unstoppable fast rates. Good thing that with this update from Snow Leopard, such incident can now be readily prevented.

However, the quiet release of the update has raised the eyebrows of many people. Some users continue to become oblivious with the number of security issues that Snow Leopard has been facing.

Many protests with regards to the incognito release of the update have been bombarding Steve Jobs’ people since it wouldn’t be of help that Apple releases a security update without exposing it to the millions of users that they have. In fact, the protesters have been starting to have speculations as to whether the secret release of the update was for marketing reasons.

Well, incognito or exposed, at least the majority now knows that Snow Leopard has been updated and upgraded with the significant software. Spread the word!