In a recent development of the Apple and Flash feud, Chief executive of Apple, Steve Jobs has filed a case against Adobe Flash software. In addition, the argument being made is that the software is a flop in touch screen gadgets such as iPad and iPhone, due to its poor efficiency.

Steve Jobs posted a 1700 words letter over Apple’s official website on Thursday, which explains that the company has made a verdict of not allowing the Adobe Flash multimedia software on Apple mobile gadgets typically including iPad and iPhone.

The letter in depth states that the company had been discussing Adobe’s software position, which is behind millions of graphical advertisements available and accessible via web worldwide, since the time when Apple announced the position in the year 2007, January, when it first introduced the iPhone.

In the letter, Steve Jobs states that Adobe software was considered to be unreliable, unsecure, and its performance drained and consumed too much battery life of the mobile devices. Another objection was that the proprietary character of the software, declaring that Apple believes that all the standards pertain to the worldwide web should be open.

While discussing the proprietary of the Adobe Flash Software, the Apple’s chief acknowledged that Apple also had proprietary products, pointing towards iPad, iPod, and iPhone operating system. However, despite the fact, he further claims that Apple prefers to support open and clear standards on the web, mainly including CSS and HTML5, as these are the languages that are used to program the websites.

Apple’s chief also pointed out some security related issues in this letter against Adobe Flash software, and they were also highlighted in the report that was released by Symantec in year 2009, the antivirus software company.

Since, this is the era of mobile and low powered devices and touch interfaces and open web based standards, these are all the area where Adobe Flash software simply cannot cope up. Moreover, the Chief executive at Apple, Steve job, has professed this.

Games and online videos are generally based on the Adobe Flash software, and Apple is adamantly refusing to enable Flash software on its products such as iPad, iPhone and Ipod and also some other devices. Now, the chief claims that most of the online videos are available in such a format that is other than the Adobe Flash software, and therefore, the iPad, iPod, and iPhone users are simply not missing any of the videos.

He further conceded that Apple’s mobile gadgets do not play the flash-based videos and online games, however, he also noted that there are thousands of games, many of them are free, and are easily available at Apple’s website over the Internet.

Apple has been continuously asking Adobe to show them their flash software performance particularly regarding the mobile devices, from the last few years, but Adobe never showed a positive response.