Charlie Miller, Apple security expert and a researcher from Accuvant Labs, has been fired from the Apple developer program. He has also been banned from making any kind of software for iPads and iPhones. This action was taken after he posted a video on YouTube, publicly showing a bug in Apple operating system- iOS .

In the video, he disclosed that he has found out a way to make applications, which can be used for downloading other programs secretly. Once such an application is installed, it will have the power to steal data and destroy information. In order to prove his findings, Charlie Miller built a stock market monitoring tool, and named it InstaStock. Once InstaStock is downloaded on iPhones and iPads, it gets connected to a server, controlled by Miller. In this way, he got total control over their iPhones and iPads.

According to Reuters, Miller informed them that hundreds of Apple users had already downloaded the free app and it had connected to his server, but he did not do anything on the users’ devices. He added that it was done just to demonstrate his theory and no harm was meant.

Even though it was just a demonstration, it might have embarrassed Apple, because a number of their customers downloaded InstaStudio from Apple Store, and it had failed to recognize that InstaStudio was a malicious prototype program. This could mean that there can be some malware in the App Store, which allows similar kind of malicious apps to pass through the security analyzing test.

Apple has already sent out an e-mail to Miller, taking away his rights to build software for Apple products. The company will no longer distribute Miller programs on the App Store.

The e-mail said, “Apple has good reason to believe that you violated the iOS developer agreement by intentionally submitting an App that behaves in a manner different from its intended use. We will deny your reapplication to the iOS Developer Program for at least a year, considering the nature of your acts.”

Although Charlie Miller did acknowledge that he had violated the terms of service (TOS) of Apple Developer Program, he tweeted that he was angry at the decision taken by Apple.

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