A company named Velocity Micro is looking forward to launch a Criz Tablet Computer which would cost 299 US dollars. This handheld appliance is very cleverly priced which will cost less than the iPad being introduced by Apple costing 499 US dollars. The market analysts and the specialists believe that this would indeed be liked highly by a large community of people.

Velocity Micro has assured that this new gadget will give you a realistic mobile user interface at a reasonable price. It will reach the market in the month of September with Google’s Android operating system. However in case we make a comparison between the two devices i.e. the iPad and the Cruz, there are variations regarding storage capacity and the display size. The display powered touch screen of Cruz is 7 inches, whereas that of the Apple iPad is 9.7 inches.

The internal storage capacity of Cruz is 4GB and 8GB when used via a SD slot. On the other hand, the most economical iPad has 16GB storage capacity. The difference also lies when we talk in terms of their battery life, Cruz will offer a 6 hours battery life when you play a video, while Apple’s iPad assures you a 10 hours battery back up while listening to music, net surfing or while watching videos. The WiFi connectivity of Cruz is 802.11n which is almost same as the iPad.

It is said that the Cruz will be able to play a 720p high-definition video and its screen will enable image display at a resolution of 800 pixels by 480 pixels. The details regarding the processor have not yet been provided because the tablet has not entered into the production stage. The company is now preparing itself to enter into the slate shaped device models which are booming in the market at a very rapid pace, primarily influenced by the Apple’s iPad. Apple reported that it has successfully sold three million iPads by June which is in the first 3 months of its launch. A research firm has estimated that the Tablet import-export could amount to 7 million at the end of the year and 46 million by the year 2014.

Many tech companies and manufacturers have intended to purchase these Cruz tablets which are mainly based on Android OS. The manufacturers of Dell have already ordered shipment for its streak tablet which has a 5 inch display screen. Where as, Cisco has claimed its Cius tablet, having a 7 inch touch screen display, which will be presented for testing at the end of this year. Similarly, there are other companies that are also seeking to bring Android tablets such as Innovative Converged Devices and Notion Ink.

The Micro Company has also announced to launch an eReader that will cost 199 US dollars having a 7 inch display screen. This will enable you to access around 2 million eBooks with the help of the eBook application software. The user can read the eBooks in various formats such as PDF or ePub. The eReader would give you a 10 hours battery back up on a single charge. The e-reader is likely to come up in August.