The development of mobile based OS is a subject of great interest these days. Developers from all around the world are into application development that is the next phase after OS development. Developers from all around the world are more interested in developing for Apple’s OS these days but they expect to see Google’s android to be the leading environment for near future. Apple proves to be quite promising as of today but it would certainly come up with a downfall compared to the revolutionary development of Android.


The comparison was done through a survey as well as through word of mouth. In the nutshell, developers from the top line of mobile application development consider Android to be open to many different changes that could be implemented in the future. They also feel that Android give developers with more options in order to implement variations in the applications of the future. Apple’s iOS is not that susceptible to changes of this sort.

The survey was conducted with some 2733 developers from the Appcelerator Titanium Developers group and they were asked about the opportunities that both Google and Apple give you in their respective OS. Apple is defined as the more controlled environment that does not allow people to develop cross platform applications that limit the applications developed to be used in Apple devices only. Android developments on the other end accept all types of cross development tools to give maximum use ability to their applications.

As of now, developers are developing Titanium application for iPhones and iPads more than any other platforms. Not even android and find that to be an interesting job for present. They have a large count of Apple based applications while a very few Android based ones.

Apple’s environment:

Apple is pretty strict about the application development. They want the applications to be designed strictly in Objective-C, C++, or JavaScript as being dealt with by the web engine of Apple iOS and the same languages have to be used for other developments as they are the only ones listed in the Apple’s Documentation for APIs. No other tool can be used in order to create any application, not even the simple and the most recognized ones as Adobe Flash. Their main motto is to keep such third party tools of development stay away from getting authorized within Apple. They believe that such tools create substandard applications that hinder the iOS development on the whole.

Google’s environment:

Google on the other hand has developed Android in a way as to give maximum liberty to people from all around the world to take part in developing the best and the most effective applications for the platform. You can use all possible third party tools in order to make an application look unique and elegant as well as that serves the function that you are interested in. Silverlight and Adobe Flash are both compatible with the Android OS and developers are quite positive in having an excellent experience developing applications for Android for future as they see it open and susceptible to more changes.