Apple has yet surprised much of the consumer electronic industry by introducing a broad range of new products and service at the annual music event. The hallmark of the event was the introduction of new iPods and a new version of Apple TV.

Steve Jobs wandering magic of releasing Apple products created a sensation yet again on Wednesday when a new range of products were announced. Some of the key points from Steve jobs speech can be seen as follows:

New release of iOS 4.1– This was the much necessarily welcomed announcement as it enables developers to create and build new social networking games. The new iOS 4.1 expands the existing API gaming and integrates the previously announced Game Center API for developers. iOS4.1 will enable multiplatform integration between the iPad, iPhone and iMac.

New version of iPod Nano: The new iPod Nano has a touch screen, is thinner and lighter in weight and has a classy look of no button style. The only disadvantage of the new version is that you will not be able to stream videos. The new version should be available by next week.

iTunes 10: This service will be available shortly. Apart from the enhancement of a new logo and a social music service called Ping, iTunes 10 will certainly take advantage of the mass effect that social networking is currently having on the Internet. Moreover the sharing of videos and music will certainly be more easier through the new iTunes platform.