Apple is preparing a social media capability service called “Photo Stream” which is very strongly inspired by the Microsoft Photo Hub, according to PC World.  The service “Photo Stream”, as it would be called on iOS 4.3 beta has an updated file system “Media Stream” folder hidden inside that contains “Photo Streaming” folder which comprises strong grounds that it will permit iPhone users to let friends subscribe to their collections of photos, occupying in the cloud. Some privacy preferences linked to this lets you select who can view your “Streams” and graphics inside the OS for the “Photo Stream” feature. Photos are stored for the last 30 days according to AppleInsider.  Photo Stream uploads and stores the last thirty days of the photos on MobileMe and downloads them to all of your devices.

The social media capability service lets you “invite” other users to view your pictures as you take them and upload them to a service.

Apparently, it will look if one of your contacts on MobileMe has released new photos and send them directly to your application. It is believed that “Media Stream” can be directly connected to “Find my Friends.” Find my Friends is just another expression of Apple’s social network which is a part of MobileMe.  Along with this feature of Find my Friends, Apple revealed AirPlay video support for third party apps and personal hotspot support for the iPhone too.

Nevertheless, it appears more likely that the Photo Stream is incorporated within a broader desire to socialize iOS platform. And for that, Apple intends to put forward MobileMe.

Apple’s cloud infrastructure helps you to store Media Stream.  A Kin Studio-type automatic upload feature from Apple lets you to tag your uploads for either private or public consumption.

Apple will make every iPhone into wireless hotspot in future iOS update and the chances for all kinds of various app based self generated wireless network sharing with friends or strangers would be very large.

This new social service called Photo Stream from Apple lets you send a “live stream of photos to any iPhone, Blackberry, any other smartphone, or any computer.” Apple has plans to defy Facebook and more recent social media sharing systems like Instagram with a new, friend-based, live sharing system as mentioned above, Photo Stream.

Find my Friends is a major clue about Apple that it wants to be a social media competitor.  Apple was working on it for quite long and then got ready to launch it in an initial stage.  This is to say, as the name connotes, a map with your friends on it like Google Latitude.

Taking note of all the points in the mind it seem Apple is certainly gunning Facebook with a new media-streaming feature called Photo Stream for iOS devices.

Some people are speculating that Apple is doing so to make people buy more Apple products and not competing with other social networking.