The Chief Operating Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, has released his statement saying that the target market of the iPad is extremely huge. He was also quite verbal in the company’s attempts at the cannibalization of PCs. It was also around this time that a couple of huge market research firms decided to up their forecasts regarding their 2010 tablet shipments.

During a third quarter earnings conference of Apple, Cook mused about the continuously aggressive sales of the iPad as well as its potential on slicing a huge cut from the PC sales. Despite the fact that the iPad is presently not adhering to typical early adopter curves, just like it is taking such a long time for the product to cross into the mainstream, Apple is pretty much selling each and every unit of iPad that they have.

Cook is also quite glad when the company realized that their iPad cannibalizes today’s PCs. He even said that such situation is quite fantastic for them since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of PCs to cannibalize this time around.

Intel and PCs

Intel is the name that companies look up to when it comes to the efficient provision of functional processors for the wide variety of PCs that are sold all over the world. However, Intel only sees these new tablets as additives, especially for computing processes such as Netbooks. This statement was made by the Chief Financial Officer of Intel herself, Stacy Smith, during a conference on Intel’s earnings. In her statement, she implies that there will most likely be only minimal cannibalization of PCs, if ever cannibalization will occur at all.

Cook also released a statement that the iPad can actually have positive effects on the sales of Mac. In fact, the iPod created somewhat of a halo for the Mac computers. Moreover, it can be quite noticeable that during the time the sales of the iPod took off; there was also a highly obvious change in the sales of Macbooks. The question is, can the same results be garnered with the iPad and the iPhone?

Mac Development

To date, there is still a lot of space for the Mac to grow, despite having outgrown its market with seventeen straight quarters. Additionally, the more people decide to purchase their very own iPhone, iPod, or iPad, the more there is a synergy with the Mac.

Market Research

A couple of the world’s most expert market researchers suddenly revised their forecasts regarding the tablets, saying that the product that got the lion’s share in 2010 is the internationally famous iPad. In fact, according to ABI Research’s reports, the iPad has tripled the original estimate. This means that nearly eleven million tablets are to be expected to be shipped by the end of the year 2010.

Another firm for market research, iSuppli, decided to take the more bullish route. This company has received word beforehand that Apple, Inc. is ratcheting up the production targets of iPad in order to meet the present booming demand of the public. This is why iSuppli also moved fast in ratcheting up its shipment forecasts.