The clamor for iPad seems to have reached its zenith with deliveries for new pre-orders of the Wifi model moved to a later date, April 12th.The iPad 3G model starts deliveries in an undisclosed date later this April. Those who have pre-orders before Saturday do not have to worry though because their much awaited iPad will still come as promised on April 3rd. Pre-orders are also limited to two per customer.

Apparently, iPad’s bad press lately has not affected its target market’s desire to have this now ‘hot’ gadget since pre-orders started last March 12. With the delivery date moved, it seems iPad has met its targeted pre-order sales and stocks might need to be replenished soon.

Apple also delayed the shipment of some accessories introduced on iPad’s launch. According to Cnet, the iPad dock and the iPad dock connector to VGA adapter will still be delivered the same as the initial shipment of iPad, April 3rd. However, the iPad keyboard dock, an iPad charger with a built-in keyboard, will be shipped on May along with the 10W USB adapter.

The Apple store also unveiled two new accessories for iPad: the iPad case and the iPad Camera Connection Kit. The iPad case which sells for $39 ships on April. The iPad Camera Connection Kit makes it easy to download photos from digital cameras to the iPad. This kit, when plugged to the iPad has a USB interface were digital cameras can connect to a USB cable. There is also an SD Card connector where digital photos can be accessed through an SD Card plugged in the slot. This kit sells for $29 and ships late April.