The launch of  iPad, has created a lot of hype about the product, however there are some shortcomings.  Apple had brought many expectations to the mind of the consumers before the launch. Considering its disadvantages, iPad will not live up to the promise of replacing the current net-books.

  • Flash video temporarily not available. There will be a free app for this soon, or apple will provide anupdate for the software that enables flash video. Compared with the new HP Slate which runs on the Windows 7 platform and HP and runs Flash.

  • Media transfer. Transferring pictures from a digital camera to an iPad has been addressed by an extension that plugs into the outlet of the iPad, and from that extension you can plug in a micro SD card that holds your pictures and video. This means paying extra for a simple functionality. Alternatively, you can transfer photos or videos to iPhoto on your computer and then connect your iPad to your computer.
  • Apple Apps. Only 2/3 of the apps for the iPad are free, there are already over 100,000 apps out there for the iPad. However, many of those apps are still in the process of being released.
  • Typing position. The only slight downfall to typing on the iPad is the fact that you have to set it on a table to type or on your lap, alternatively you could just buy a wireless keyboard.

  • Processor speed. The processor that the iPad uses is a 1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed. This processor cannot support the extreme gaming and video related applications though, Apple repeatedly advertised this device as an entertainment gadget. The Google Nexus using the 1 GHz SnapDragon processor for its’ HTC made mobile phone but promises less that than the iPad.
  • Lack of E ink technology. Apple’s iPad does not have an electronic-paper display technology inbuilt. With E Ink technology a device does not use any power to maintain a page display while only using power when an image is changed. This means that battery consumption is directly proportional to the number of pages you read and not how long the device is on. Apple promises to deliver up to 10 hours of battery life with a single charge which is nowhere in the range of E Ink technology where devices using the technology support up to 8000 pages of reading.
  • Lack of a camera. Since the device does not come with a camera or a web cam, it is not possible to snap a picture or even use the video chat when video conferencing.
  • SIM. The iPad uses mini SIM which is only supported on the AT&T network which means that you cannot go for another service provider or use it as a cell phone outside of the US.

  • Readability. Lack of high definition output does not make reading of e-books comfortable.

Apart from the above shortcomings, there are also several inconveniences that the new Apple iPad has with respect to typing comfort and battery backup. This seems to be a magnified version of the iPod touch and does not have all the features required to replace a notebook or a mini PC.