The new Apple iPad was launched as the ultimate response of a reputed and trustworthy brand that aimed to bridge the gap between the latest of laptops and the latest of smart phones. Crammed with technological sophistication, this innovative product hailed the arrival of a product that is neither a laptop in all of its application or appearance nor belonging to the genre of smart phones. Visible features and integrated technology cast this away from belonging to either of these categories. This appears to be a new tool for the ideal businessperson of today who is ever on the move. Technological excellence of this product enables its use as an efficient laptop cum smart phone device.

The appearance and size of the Apple iPad is quite magazine-like in its thickness. The measurements of the iPad is about 7.47 inches wide and at a height of 9.56 inches and with a thickness 0f 0.5 inch, it weighs a mere 1.5 pounds.

Though first impressions, especially with the higher cost of the product, can raise many questions as to the cost effectiveness of this product yet, experience of its usage can diversify the first impression opinion in favour of it. There are still a number of user-friendly applications that are desirable but conveniently missed out but this leaves good room for improvement for its makers.

There are specialised and exclusive tools that are available to work on with the iPad. The improved browser, iPod and e-mail facilities as well the availability of a large numbers of downloadable games and applications, the great compilation of e-books etc make this product entirely desirable and a coveted, specialised gadget of excellence.

The machine is powered by Appleā€™s own A4 processor of 1GHz, along with WiFi blue tooth and a compass. There is amazing fluidity of operations when using different operations especially the photo application. This photo application enables importing of images which are docked to the system as miniature stacks that can be unfolded, browsed and manipulated with ease. The absence of an integrated camera leaves much to be desired as this deficiency definitely reduces the efficacy of this product as an integrated solution for modern businesses. A camera would have served the all-important function of serving as means for enabling video chats. There is also wide disenchantment that the iTunes LP format of the iPad is not compatible with the versatile iTunes options that iPhone and iPod Touch are holding out for music enthusiasts as they want full options of music, TV shows, movies and podcasts available on this singular device. Integration of these facilities will make the iPad more acceptable to persons interested in these applications.

The availability of a large e-books store is though an advantageous matter, yet the absence of paper-like e-link technology that could make this multi-task as a portable e-reader device is causing much worry for concerned users who looked forward to having this feature integrated into this product.

There are many advantageous features that make the iPad an ideal device for the technology driven person who does not want to be confined to the computer desk but at the same wants all the online benefits that the mobile portability of computers can deliver.