As they say good times don’t last long, so is true for bad times too. Apple’s new iPhone 4 saw its peak when the product registered a sale of 1.7 million handsets in first three days of its launch. After seeing this peak the company is preparing to see the valleys. There is an uproar against the iPhone 4 because of its connectivity problems.

Large scale criticism against iPhone 4

A few days back Consumer report, issued by a US consumer watchdog, conducted some tests on iPhone 4. To everybody’s horror the report generated a verdict of “Not Recommended” on the product. This shocked the global consumers as well as the company-Apple.

In the test the phone was taken to a controlled radio frequency isolation room. The test was conducted to check the receptive ability of the phone in such an environment. It was seen that when you touch a spot on the lower left side of the handset, the signal reception falls drastically. Sometimes the phone loses the connection in total. The report also applauded the positive features of the best smartphone (relative to its peers).According to the report, considering all aspects in totality; iPhone 4 was a not recommendable product

Aftershocks of the report

The negative report to iPhone 4’s connectivity issues has cost Apple 6.5 billion Sterling Pounds. The share price of the company shed 4.2% swabbing 6.5 billion pounds at one point of time. The stock has recovered from these losses now, leading to better position in US stock markets, not because of any positive response to the product.

Many are speculating that the problem is becoming fierce and if this situation persists then the product may have to be recalled from the market. If this happens it will be a big blot on Apple’s reputation, as never ever in the history of the company has such a phenomenon occurred. It will be a big blow to the trust of investors and technology experts, in the company.

The ball is in Apple’s court

Apple has not responded on this issue but has stated that all mobile phones have some connectivity issues.

The company deleted consumer report threads from its website, a few days back, adding further fuel to fire. The controversy is slowly and gradually taking a fierce form, with all eyes diverted in Apple’s direction. What should the company do now? is the question of the hour.

Apple has to come out with a permanent and free solution to the antenna problems, before anyone can recommend their product to consumers.