Gone are the days when you used to go to the market and do window shopping for hours before laying your hands on the right thing. This is an era of smart shopping. And the trends in the field of shopping are undergoing frequent change with the advancement of technology each day. When we compare today’s shopping experience with that of olden days of window shopping, we can observe a sea-change there. With shrinking of technology we now prefer one-click shopping. So with the advent of smartphones, who would not want to have that one-click magic in those small but magical gadgets! Judging the same desire of the users, companies are now vying with each other to equip their users with this facility. First it was Android, now it is the turn of Apple iPhone.

iPhone was unmatched for its stylish looks till now, and now with a new addition the complete package has become all the more coveted. This is because that Apple iPhone adds Google Shopper to its cart. This application would enable the user to have a look at the detailed information about an item, compare the prices of different products and also read reviews about them before coming to a final decision.

The application has several search options. You can either search by typing in the keywords or enter your choice using the voice search function. After that what you have is a list of results. The results also include nearby locations to which you will be helped by GPS assistance. That is not all, you will also have a unique display of product rating and user reviews along with the results.

Apple iPhone users come next in line to the Android users as the latter have  already been using this application since February 2010. It was in the month of November when Google included the option of search filters like price and brand when it updated the application. Google now seeks to expand that functionality.

In the App Store you can find Google Shopper for free: all that you need is an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0 or higher. The iPhone users no longer have to indulge in window shopping. For them shopping will not only be a grand experience but also an interesting one. So all that you need is an iPhone and you will be on the go to face the changing world while being fully prepared to be in tune with the changing times. The addition of Google Shopper will not only make your phone fully loaded, but also make you feel fully loaded, that is, fully equipped to face the challenges of time with courage. It will unwind your mind of the various hassles involved in shopping. So now you can enjoy total shopping experience on your very own Apple iPhone.