There are about three million users of the iPhone 4 only since its official launch about three months ago. However, there are already some issues regarding the iPhone 4. The large company has readily attributed such to software but then, the users have different take on it, may be on the design. As the number of users swiftly increases, the problems may actually remain.

The letter posted last Friday is an indication that the problem has already reached Apple, and that the same problem is not an isolated case.  The apology pertains on the weakening signal that the handset experience whenever the black metal strip at the left hand corner of the phone is held. Thus, there are even reports that a tightly held iPhone 4 would also produce the same weakening result. .

Now, the antenna design is said to be the main culprit according to most users. However, Apple is into the belief that this model is still “best we (Apple) have ever shipped”. It would rather blame the software for this weakening signal effect. Thus, that the 3 to 4 bars off would be adjusted in a few weeks time.

The software that calculates the signal is said to be the reason for this. The company’s claim that there has been a fault on the calculation of the number of signal that should be shown in the phone has been reiterated. However, the company only mentioned that there is the Apple’s claim that there are two more signal bars that is miscalculated.

So there are two excess bars of signals which would account to the weakening signals?

On some reports, there are some studies that show that if the iPhone 4 is held using the left hand, it is confirmed that there is a weakening signal. However, it would have best reception, compared to other iPhone models and some phones, if it is on the other hand. This was done in AnandTech site.

iPhone’s AT&T has not reported any slow down on the number of customers availing the phone. This is probably why Apple is not too concerned in another issue of the iPhone which is reported as that there are an increasing number of dropped calls. This issue is probably one that is also brought about the weakening signal.

Thus, despite the issues that have been surrounding the iPhone 4, there are still many that have the desire to have the phone as early as yesterday. Now, the antenna problem may very well be the cause since this is observed both by consumers as well as through detailed radio-frequency analysis.

This could not just be a coincidence, can it? Still, Apple stands its grounds as to their press release that this is just due to the miscalculation in the number of signal bars or the AT & T’s signal strength. As a matter of fact, the company is about to release new soft ware that is expected to solve this problem in the coming weeks. Still, the question remains whether it is the signal soft ware or the design that is miscalculated.