Apple is one of the largest developers of computers and smartphones. The company is known for its quality products. Apple has grown bigger in recent years with its products like the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macbook. The company is now making a big impact in the tablet computer market with iPad. From recent reports, it is clear that Apple has now become the number-one mobile phone providers by surpassing its closest rival Nokia. There is huge competition from other mobile phone makers also which are producing mobile phones with the Android OS,

Apple continues to grow bigger. Apple sold $10.47 billion iPhone and iPhone accessories in the most recent quarter, making them way ahead of Nokia. According to AppleInsider, Nokia has earned around $9.7 billion in the recent quarter from its devices and services division. Nokia and Apple both manufacture several devices and offer services for their mobile phones. Nokia has its Ovi music app store for handheld computers and tablets in this division. Apple also has the iTunes store for its products.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs made this observation about a year ago that Apple is the biggest mobile device company today. To compete with Apple, Nokia recently replaced its CEO to counter the rising surge of smartphone competitors. Apple CFO, Peter Oppenheimer also said about iPhone’s rapidly increasing popularity in Europe. Apple is growing due to its high-end phones not by undercutting its rivals. Apple’s dominance is getting bigger and bigger, their phones are also way user-friendly. The new iOS 4 by Apple also has some business features that were desired by the enterprise sectors. Apple has the advantage having a phone with own iOS, that makes a great advantage for Apple App store. As we are seeing the current rise in the application downloads, Apple will soon see its 10 billionth download. In spite of competition from its rivals, they are hoping a great rise in their customer base.