In a recent development over the Mirrors Worlds and Apple case regarding technology to display documents on the computer screen, a US jury has ruled in favor of Mirror Worlds. In response to the ruling Apple is asking the jury to reconsider its decision.

The patent infringement had been going on for some time between Mirror Worlds and Apple, in which Mirror Worlds has alleged that Apple has infringed four of its patents.

Currently the jury has award for price tag of $208.5 million per patent infringement. Apple has however requested the jury to reconsider its decision. If the jury considers the infringements to be valid Apple will be slapped with $600 million in damages.

However only two patents still remain unresolved. If the charges against these do not hold strong, then Apple will only have to pay $208.5 million in total damages.

Mirror Worlds has accused Apple of using its patent for Spotlight, Time Machine and Coverflow.

The jury still has to decide is the other two patents have a valid ground for it to call as patent infringement