Finally, Apple iPhone critics’ wagging tongues will now find relief now that iPhone OS 4 has been unveiled. Dreams of the platform supporting simultaneous running apps have now found reality. This feature, along with several exciting additions, was launched to the public last April 8th at Apple’s sprawling complex at Cupertino.


The platform’s inability to support concurrent running of programs in the background has always marred its otherwise stellar performance. Apparently this inadequacy, according to Apple Insider is an implementation of an artificial restriction to run third party title apps. Having multiple running tasks in the background hogs the device’s resources and consumes the battery faster.

To solve this dilemma, iPhone will not exactly allow all running programs in the background. More precisely, it pauses an application while you move on to another application saving resources as you go on about your iPhone usage. However, several programs are designed to run simultaneously in the background—for real this time. These are: background audio, voice over IP, background notifications, push notifications, local notifications, task completion, and fast app switching. So if you worried about listening to Pandora while you browse your iPhone was, again, not possible with OS 4 you can be assured that it is. Because other apps are paused in the background, you can switch from one app to another a lot faster.

Homescreen Customization

Programs can now be organized in folders. That means no more cluttering in the iPhone’s homescreen. Steve Jobs also said that the homescreen can support precisely 2160 applications. Shortcut folders will be automatically created depending on the app’s category. Aside from folders, the homescreen’s background can now be customized. Not so exciting since Smartphones and jail broken iPhones have had this since they have invaded the market, but Apple does get points for mulling it over.

New Mail App

After almost three year of Apple’s mail app being virtually frozen in time, it will now finally get an upgrade that it deserves. Your mails will now be in a Unified Inbox no matter how many mail accounts. No more hassle of switching from one mail account to another since your inbox in your accounts will be put in this folder allowing faster inbox switch. The messages will now be in threads much like the Gmail’s amazing conversation threads.


Taking inspiration from iPad, the new iPhone 4 now comes with an eBook reader integrated in the iBook store. At least you’ll have the choice of lugging your iPad with you or just putting your iPhone in your pockets.

Game Center

To amp up your gaming experience, Apple will integrate OS 4 with an Xbox support. This allows online gaming with your iPhone complete with stats display. You only have to go to the game center, pick on a game to play and the phone handles looking for a suitable game buddy online for you.

Camera Update
Tired of not being the focus of your iPhone’s videos and stills? OS 4 now supports up to 5x zoom. Go ahead focus on that mole you’ve been proud of or the new cobwebs on your ceiling. There are even rumors that new iPhones might come out with an additional camera in form for that “you” moments.

With over a hundred new features, iPhone OS 4 will be released this summer and for iPad, this fall. Some features, like multi-tasking will not be available for first generation iPhones and iPhone 3G due to some hardware limitations