Apple has been granted the patent for Smart Garment by US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to this patent, Apple will now help you to know when your clothes are worn-out. In the last 10 days, Apple has also gain more than 50 patents such as Apple TV, iPhone headset, etc.

Apple will develop a new technology or application that will help your iPhone to keep a track of your clothes wear and tear. It will update you with the number of times you have worn that cloth and inform you if there is any defect. This will be a good thing as it will help you to clean up your wardrobe by informing you about the clothes that are no longer wearable.

How is it going to work?

Clothes will be electronically paired with a garment sensor, which will help in keeping track of the clothes usage. Garment sensor will be connected to a database, where all the information such as number of times a cloth is worn, any defects detected, etc. will be stored. When clothes are detected that it is no longer useful, it will send alerts to the users through his/her iPhone.

Smart Garment is similar to Apple Nike + iPod project, where a sensor is attached to Nike shoes, which monitors the users running speed, style, etc. Apple also provide a special app called Nike + GPS, which monitors users running speed, calories burned, distance covered, time consumed, etc. using the GPS technology. The app can be downloaded from iTunes. The Smart Garment also has good chances of being used during other activities such as skiing, skating, etc.