“Just Build it, and they will come”. We are suspecting the same truth with the shipping papers. We are not explicitly saying that but GoSolarUSA Inc. has just inked a deal with Chinese developer Yosion to bring out much-hyped Apple Peel 520 to US. Apple Peel 520 will equip your PMP with a SIM card slot, along with the software needed to make calls or to receive texts.

Recently it is reported that both companies have agreed to work together to distribute Apple Peel 520 in the United States, but it is still unclear about those shipments. The deal between these two companies is granted and of course it’s not without flaws. As we are not sure about, when will they start and how much it will retail for once it arrives.

Apple Peel 520 will be available very soon and it will cost you around $60. In such a price it is an alternative to handing your cellular soul to AT&T altogether. Yet another news is that GoSolarUSA Inc. has announced a deal with innovative Chinese developer Yosion to bring out company’s cutting-edge product, Apple Peel 520. GoSolarUSA and Chinese agency signed a agreement last week. According to the agreement, GoSolarUSA and Yosion will work together to develop Apple Peel 520 and secure the intellectual property rights for this device worldwide. Yosion announced that in the last week of September, the manufactured piece will be ready to be sold out. The Apple Peel 520 is a stunning breakthrough in the mobile technology and we are proud of such kind of products. Apart from this, the product will be currently available to U.S. only. Yet another interesting thing to know about this product is that Apple Peel 520 is the creation of a 22-year-old Chinese programmer.

There are contradictions about Apple Peel 520. People are in doubt that iPod Touch will suffer from the same iPhone Envy or not. The Apple Peel 520 will seem to functions as a protective skin that adds text messaging and mobile voice capabilities to touch-screen media player. This startling new technology represents a affordable alternative to the purchasing of Apple’s pricier iPhone. So the Apple Peel 520 could be an instant hit. The complete kit of this gadget has an iPod Touch’s case, a dock connector, battery and SIM card. Once the proper software regarding the machine is installed, Apple Peel can add the ability to make text messages or voice calls using the iPod Touch. When fully charged, the 800mAh battery of Apple Peel 520 offers nearly about five hours of continuous talk time and a standby usage of 120 hours. Along with all these features in a mobile companion, the Apple Peel 520 is going to make a lead in the telecom industry. So, you have to wait no more for this latest technology gadget Apple Peel 520 is coming to US very soon.