Despite a non-holiday quarter, Apple has surprisingly posted a 50% increase in its revenue to about $13.5 billion. Profits stood at $3.7 billion with earning per share posted at $3.33.

Apple had earlier predicted the growth to be between 11 to 13 billion dollars. However the latest results have surpassed expectations. The rising revenue has been exclusively contributed to increased sales of Mac which increased by 33 percent and iPhone which increased by 131 percent.

In this quarter, Apple sold 2.9 million Macs and 8.75 million iPhones; however iPod posted a negative sales growth falling sharply by 1 percent.

Through the increased product sales, Apple over the past five years has gained an increasing market share. Moreover, a successful brand strategy has enabled Apple to tap into the consumer market, which not only looks into the hardware release such as the iPhone and the Mac, but more towards its applications.

It seems that with the release of the iPad, Apple will be all set to announce greater revenue, this quarter. According to Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs this quarter was the “best non-holiday quarter ever,” and referred to “several more extraordinary products in the pipeline for this year.”

The “products pipeline” might very well refer to the hyped iPhone 4G which has been claimed to be leaked recently. Despite the growing competition against Apple’s hardware and applications, so far Apple has certainly surpassed, in being ahead on innovation.