The first and original iPhone gadget was actually purposely design to represent a watershed moment that is somehow associated with the main concept of Smartphones, especially when it comes to the blurring of the line that can be found between consumer as well as corporate technology. To date, there are quite stubborn responses towards the submitted issues with the newly released iPhone 4.

This is why Apple blatantly threatens to get rid of any existing credibility that it has earned with its group of talented and skilled IT administrators. Apple intends to reverse the entire progress that it has accomplished so far with regards to corporate acceptance as an all-new Smartphone platform.

Over the past several years, Apple has initiated quite some huge strides in terms of maturing out of the consumer gadget mold. This is why Apple has always been established as a highly viable contender in the board room, just like in the living room.

The Emergence of the iPhone 4

The latest, and probably best, example of Apple’s evolution towards the corporate world is the globally famous iPad. This particular product has been quite speedy in its coasting towards wide IT acceptance even if it was only given a fraction of the time that was allotted for the iPhone to finally blaze its trail.

For a reason that has not been disclosed to everyone, Apple still refuses to acknowledge or address any existing or reported issues with their new iPhone 4. This act somehow undermines the trust their IT administrators have towards them, as they largely depend on precisely how open or transparent from today’s techie vendors that they do their own businesses with. This, in turn, provides a much more secure as well as stable IT infrastructure.

Normally, IT administrators do not expect their software of hardware vendors to be perfect. There is huge reason why businesses decide to be part of long-term support contracts with their own corresponding vendors. And, that reason is the fact that they are quite aware of the possible emergence of certain issues and that they might want to receive prompt and highly effective support from that particular vendor in order to address these issues.

Handling the Problem

For instance, just take a look at how McAfee took care of their most recent problem, which was a virus signature issue. They dealt with the defective product, managed the public relations storm that arose, and then used the irritating fiasco as the chance to build as well as strengthen the existing credibility and also emerge quite unscathed. The same strategies were implemented also during the BP and the Toyota incidents.

Based on the company’s total unit sales, the iPhone 4 is probably the most successful product to be launched in the whole history of Apple. Still, however, the complaints continue to mount about this said product, including a class action lawsuit as well as a relatively poignant rejection that was made quite obvious by the Consumer Reports. These have created quite a nightmare, in terms of public relations, for Apple.