Apple seems to be listening in closely to the developer demands to enhance the functionality of its software platform. Recently Apple has released the “Gold Master” version of iOS 4.2, which is now available for download for developers. Some of the features of iOS 4.2 include:

  • Combining features of iOS across different versions
  • Introducing multitasking features at greater processing speeds
  • Addition of UI features to all iDevices

It seems that the developer and Apple iOS relationship is proving “parasitical” to both the parties. Of course Apple needs to flood its iStore with unique apps; however the latest release of iOS4.2 Gold Master coincides with the fact that, addition of new features like a multitasking bar will only add the feasibility of developing apps that enhance any operating system (OS) performance.

The iOS 4.2 “Gold Master” version features multitasking bar on the iPad which includes:

  • AirPlay button for media streaming and access to Apple TV
  • Airprint button to give instant print commands

There could be more possible additions of features; the new multitasking taskbar is just one of them.