Apple has been ruling the roost in the smartphones and the computers markets since 2007. The massive success of the iPhone and the iPad has made Apple one of the most cash rich technology companies in the world. Pure marketing ingenuity has performed beyond all the business world’s expectations.

Right through the recession period, over the last few years and the economic slowdown, Apple has gone ahead making billions in profits. The acumen of the Apple combine in launching their products with a lot of hype, pre-created, has taken Apple way ahead of all competition. In a short period, the Google Android platform has done wonders. The high quality apps created by Apple’s developers, have many success stories to their account. With fierce competition round the corner, Apple still leads in all the categories of the game.

Year on year, Apple has been introducing one major update to the iOS and a series of offerings through the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The Mac OS and the Apple Macintosh are still termed to be the crowning glory. No doubt, any success story also has its pitfalls. The Windows saga is a clear example. With Windows controlling phenomenal market share, the vulnerabilities in the OS and the browsers were also peaking points.

Looking at the iTunes, a proprietary digital media player application that also acts as an interface managing content on the iPod, iPhone and the iPad. With the iTunes one can also connect through to the iTunes’ store for download as well as purchase of music, videos, TV shows, games, movies, ringtones etc. Starting from 2001 this product has been continuously updated, introducing various privacy policies, real time location information, and features making purchase and download, easy to use.

iTunes supports reading, writing and conversion of MP3, AIFF, WAB, MPEG 4, AAC file formats. Regular features and security updates to iTunes have been Apple’s success, with the feature rich Media Player App. Recently, early March, 2011, Apple released the iTunes 10.2 update, as also the iOS 4.3 Sync support included. Within a week of this introduction, barely 3 to 4 days before the iOS 4.3 update was expected, Apple launched one more iTunes update, namely the iTunes 10.2.1 of 78 MB approximately in size for the Mac and 37 MB approximately for the Windows, with no change in details of the update of the iTunes 10.2. Probably Apple introduced some bug fix or a feature for better performance with the iOS 4.3. There is no information beyond this, as of now.