Apple has just released a brand new USB power adapter that is compatible with all versions of iPods ranging from iPod 1G, 2G, iPod classic, iPod mini, iPod Nano, down to iPhone, iPod shuffle 2G, as well as iPod touch 1G, 2G, and the latest iPod 5G (video).

This USB power adapter enables you to charge your iPhone/iPod on-the-move without really connecting it to a PC. It is packed in a sleek design, so that you may carry it in your travel bag or a small suitcase, and it has retractable outlet prongs too.
More importantly, Apple has also started a replacement program after analyzing that new ultra compact Apple USB power adapters’ prongs are likely to break off, and remain stuck up in the charging outlet, posing a high risk of a straight-forward electric shock. Although the number of faulty adaptors reported isn’t too high, Apple has taken up this seriously, and announced that they will offer free replacement.
No injuries have been reported to date, and the number of adaptor sold isn’t too high either. These adaptors were sold with the iPhone 3G sold in several countries, and they were also sold separately as an accessory as well.
Coming back to the specifics of the new USB power adapter, the design is lot stronger, and durable. The prongs have been designed quite carefully to ensure that the same problem doesn’t arise once again.

What’s more, this Apple USB Power Adapter is built in universal design, and you can use it all over the world, thanks to the special Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. However, you need to buy this kit separately.

And, the best part of the story is that this lovely handy gadget is available for just $19.01; so, it won’t burn holes in your pockets either. Its amazing compatibility, sleek design, low price, and ability to charge the iPod/iPhone without requiring a PC, are the highlights of the Apple USB Power Adapter.

Remember, if you’ve already bought the sleek iPhone charger off-late, you can get it replaced free of cost. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a new one, the Apple USB power adapter is an ideal option, as it is compatible with all kinds of iPods, and all generations of iPhone.

So, this Apple USB power adapter is a great option for those who’re currently looking out for a new adapter for their iPhone/iPod. It is a must-have for all the frequent travelers who wish to enjoy non-stop music on the move! All that it takes is about $19 to get one of these Apple USB power adapters, and you can use it on-the-fly without having to connect it to a PC, offering you the flexibility to charge your iPod/iPhone even while you’re on the move.