There had been reports recently insinuating that Apple was keen on securing deals with major TV networks but had neither succeeded nor made any meaningful steps. What began as a rumor that Apple was keen on luring major TV networks into lowering the costs of their shows on Apple’s iTunes from the existing $1.99 per episode to a low of 99 cents per episode might actually be true.  According to reports, Apple is still keen on securing its intended price cuts, only this time, rather than going for downloads for sale, the phone giant has proposed a 99 cents price for shows through streaming rentals.

Apple In Talks With TV networks

Reports are that Apple is talking to major TV networks with sources suggesting that the terms of the rentals will be almost similar to those applied in other program rentals such as movie rentals on its famous iTunes products.  In the agreement with the TV networks, an end user will be given 30 days to watch a show or 24 hours depending on the deals you choose once you have clicked play. The recent revelation of Apple’s move is signal that the company may eventually be venturing into the streaming sector and it is hoped that the TV shows or programs to be rented will be streamed from the cloud through a new iOS-enabled Apple gadget that has flash storage space.

New Adavanced Gadgets from Apple

Such a gadget had even been rumored to be on production. The new speculative reports come in the wake of the long waited Apple TV that has been on the works for three years now, part of the company’s endless games over its planned products. Reports had emerged recently in the New York over a new software update from Apple that is expected to revamp its Apple TV box with a new redone interface with iOS enabled working, crucial and significant in that the update might allow Apple end users to even access Hulu and Netflix on their gadgets. That was not to be the last of the speculations, I line with Apple’s tradition of product play, the company was also rumored to have made a slimmer flash storage Apple TV that was rumored to have the ability to stream TV shows and movies, but never happened.

Best Bargain Deal

What got people talking was its retailing price, at a meager $99, it would have been the best bargain of the year when contrasted with others such as the current 160GB that retails at $229. Apple’s existing Apple TV uses video downloads stored locally and if your connectivity is low, you might as well be bored to hell with buffering downloads that take forever to open. On the other hand, applications such as PlayStation 3 are capable of streaming Netflix videos and come as the first game console capable of streaming Hulu TV shows as well whereas the Xbox 360 struck out on its own as well with the commencement of 1080p streaming of videos.

It remains to be seen what Apple’s move might be but in the meantime, the 99 cents per episode seems like a good idea.