Apple executives had a conference recently with the analysts and press discussing about the company’s financial report for the first quarter of financial 2011. This quarter was reported to be the best in the company’s economic history. The company reached up to $ 26.74 billion in revenue and net profit for the quarter reaching $ billion. The company sold 16.24 iPhones, 7.33 million iPad and 4.13 million Macs. In just a short period of three months Apple made sale of 19.45 million iPods. This also included the sales made during the holiday shopping season. Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook and the chief financial officer of Apple, Oppenheimer actively participated in the conference call.

Tim Cook stated that the company sold more than 160 million devices till December. The iOS operating system is extremely light and can run efficiently on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV.

Cook gives the credit of company’s success in the field of Smartphones and tablets to iOS. According to Cook, their strategy cannot be matched even by their rivals, the Google Android mobile operating system. He further added that using integrated proceed makes the things easy for finish user removing all the intricacy. There is a rapid growth in the rate of sales of iOS devices. Apple sold 100 million iOS devices in June 2010. In the last quarter iPhone was considered to be the major selling iOS device for Apple. It created a record of 16.2 million units in just one quarter. The company also pronounced that the cost of iPhones of Apple has been increased with time. In the last quarter iPhone had an ASP of $625 including carrier subsidies. It covers the total cost on purchase of a new phone by a consumer with a contract of 2 years. If we compare last quarter the ASP of iPhone was $610 and in third quarter it was $ 595.

Apple made record sales of 16.2 million in the quarter but could hardly meet the consumer demands. Cook and Oppenheimer expressed that the company could have satisfied the consumers if they would have manufactured more such handsets.  The iPhone contributed 10.5 million in revenue for the quarter which was the largest in the total revenue of $ 26.74 billion. The growth percentage in the sales of iPhone increased to 86 in last December and is now positioned at 88 amongst the Fortune 100 companies.

Apple is expecting more iPhone sales in the coming years with the awaiting launch of a CDMA variant of the iPhone 4. This will be on the Version network in the U.S starting on February 10. As per Cook’s calculations the new CDMA handset will not affect the cost of the iPhone in the present quarter. He added that the company is excited to work with the Verizon team.