In order to push the sale of its products and expand its already gigantic user base, Apple has decided that this holiday season, it will charge nothing from its customers for the shipment of their orders.

This holiday season could not have got any better and all you buyers should be thankful to Apple. Any order that you place with the premier brand online will be delivered at your doorstep absolutely free. You just need to log on to Apple Store or make use of the iOS application.

Earlier, an Apple customer was charged zilch for product shipment only when the purchase exceeded US$ 50. But now you can order even a less expensive product without taking the trouble of visiting an Apple Store in town. What’s more, an eleventh-hour decision to buy an iPod or an iPad would cost you just US$ 10. You would receive the shipment within a couple of days and if the need is too pressing, pay six dollars more and get your order in just one day.

And if Lady Luck is really by your side, you could also be offered signature gift wrapping, free engraving, covers, carrying cases, zip wallets etc. for free. The price of iPad 2 begins at $499. Apple’s tablet now comes “with iOS 5, iCloud, AirPlay, and access to over 140,000 apps, there’s even more to do, view, play, and share,” as stated by the Apple Store website.

The Apple TV is sold for $99. It was noted for streaming “audio and video from [the] iPad to [an] HDTV through Apple TV.” It also lets users “rent HD movies, buy TV shows, and watch Netflix,” according to the Apple Store. Sources said that the move to send shipment free of cost has paid off as the sale of Apple products has shot up.

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