It does not bring a sparkle to the eye when there is news about iPhone and Android being every developer’s choice for building future applications. A survey commissioned by Appcelerator, provider of cross-platform development solutions proclaims that over 90 percent of the developers are keen on producing applications for iPhone, an enthralling 84 percent for the iPad and almost 81 percent would like to try their hands on Android.

Developers interest in Smartphone platform

The most unexpected result that the study reveals is that only 34 percent of the developers are interested in exploring their abilities for bringing out the best of Smartphone platforms. Developers who come within the category of those interested in creating applications for Smartphones have intense liking for Blackberry applications. other applications that the developers want to penetrate into include Windows phone 7(27 percent), MeeGo (11 percent)  , webOS (13 percent) and Symbian(15 percent).

Although the developers have clearly written off everything, the question that arises is which application is credible enough to outwin the other. As of now, respondents of Appcelerator have turned their fingers to iOS owing to the essential and distinguished attribute of Apple’s devices. The transcendence of the application store as well as the market value of its product and enterprise applications adds to the benefit of the application. This, they said, is the greatest strength of the application as a platform.

Android faces the risk of losing out

Unfortunately, Android faces the risk of losing out because of the fragmentation threat. Adding to the fragmentation risk that Android faces, respondents said that testing as well as developing across various Android devices and OS versions is cost and time consuming as it indulges in eight development lifecycle stages.

With the developers having an optimistic approach about Android receiving the accolades in the end, the respondents believe that Google will manage to solve the fragmentation risk if not sooner, at least later.

While the respondents and the developers immerse themselves in the battlefield between iOS and Android, Apple seems to maintain its position at the focal point; courtesy: its ever-growing popularity among the consumers. Apple propagated last week that iPad sales presently top 3 million while the first-weekend sales on the iPhone touched beyond 1.7 million. A survey done by Piper Jaffray revealed that 77 percent of the buyers had upgraded from an old version of the iPhone model thereby indicating a fierce interest in the products released by Apple. The iPhone 4 greets the buyer with iOS 4 as well as scores of new whistles and bells. As stated by Appcelerator, 73 percent of the developers most eagerly anticipate multitasking as a brand new feature accompanied by firmer processing and the iAD mobile advertising network. This network can possibly turn out to be the biggest advantage for iPhone. The ad is expected to yield developer revenues to almost $825 million this year.