Apple’s announcement of the Apple TV at the annual music event has, brought about significant changes in the strategy of the consumer segment that Apple wants to target. Some of the feature of the Apple TV includes:

  • Wireless Steaming: Movies, TV shows, photos, etc streams wirelessly to Apple TV.  The device also allows you to manage storage or syncing to your iTunes library.  You can also view HD movies and TV shows which can be rented over the Internet.
  • Direct Connection with any TV: All you need is an HDMI cable which sold separately to start a connection with your TV. Through the HDMI cable you can play both audio and video.  Once connected the Apple TV get streaming videos from the Internet and delivers it to the screen of your TV.
  • Connection to Popular Internet Websites: Through Apple TV you can view live streaming video of popular websites such as:
    • Netflix
    • YouTube
    • MobileMe
    • Flickr
  • iPhone Remote Apps: You can also use the remote app that  can be installed in iPhone 4.  Through the remote you can change channels and view pictures through touch screen interface of the iPhone 4.

The Apple TV is meant to integrate the Internet with TV. This concept has been pursued by other IT giants like Microsoft, but let us sees where Apple takes this concept further