iPad and iPhone  have become a popular these days and one could certainly assume is no more interested in the Mac or the Mac books anymore. Apple is certainly working on the Mac Book and Mac in the same way as it is working on the iPad and iPhone series; the only difference is that no other product has been marketed this well by Apple so the reward they are getting has been paid for in advance. Apple has exclusively made the iPad and iPhone for the youngsters and the most elegant people and that is probably the reason that these devices are giving way more revenue than any other product.

The devices certainly demand the company to make Chip Purchases and according to a recent survey, the iPad and iPhone are the reason to the rising chip purchases from the company. Apple is expected to become the second largest OEM semiconductor buyers in the next year. It is also possible that the company rises to the top on the first slot by year 2012.

iSuppli Statistics

iSuppli came up with this news in the recent past where it said that Apple can become the world’s second largest buyer of OEM superconductor buyer in 2011 and there is no doubt that the company can rise to the first slot by the year 2012. The company is expected to invest $16.2 billion in the field of chips and OEM superconductors for 2011 and this is higher than the expected purchases that Samsung has planned worth $13.9 billion. HP is going to lead the market with $17.1 billion altogether. This is going to place Apple between HP and Samsung for the next year.

The move up the chart in the purchasing of chips and OEM superconductors mean that the company is rising up in the channel with the products successful with the consumers. Every latest launch is even better than the previous ones and attracts more people to the venture. The company is doing pretty well in the search and development that lets it stay on the top of other companies. The rise in the position certainly refers to the success of the Smartphone and Tablet PC launched by the company. They are expected to do even better in the future.

Financial Position-2010

The company has already spent $12.4 billion for the year 2010 that shows a growth rate of 54% and it is expected to rise by 30.4% to reach the second slot in the next year. The Apple officials are positive about getting to the number one slot in case HP does not take over any major hardware company around the world. An acquisition by HP might make the whole lot difficult for Apple.

There has been an excellent sale in the third fiscal quarter of 2010 with 3.27 iPad sold, 3.47 Macs, 8.4 million iPhone and 9.41 million iPods. The revenues rose to $15.7 billion with the quarterly profit of $3.25 billion. The iPod however did see a sale decline but that is well justified with the launch of the iPhone that is both and iPod and a Smartphone.