Supply of Apple’s Mac mini is shrinking in last 15 days due to company’s planning to introduce its newer models that may be covered as harbinger for some novel Mac I/O technology. This shortage has been evidently proved by AppleInside to be over four times which clearly indicates that the constraints are due to fresher models being on horizon in spite of the frequent withholdings for onset of buying season. This has evidently made Apple to constrain its Macs flow to distribution channels in order to cover the huge orders of universities.

The bitter experiences of esteemed buyers

A buyer for an elite institution had placed bulk order for Mac mini’s 15 days back via School’s Apple rep, confirming that receipt of machine was needed by 1st June. Although the representative of Apple primarily indicated that delivery date was not an issue but the buyer noticed last week that its ETA was pushed to 14th June. Buyer invariably informed AppleInsider that every time this situation happened in past years it was evidence of revision in item ordered.

Similar problems was faced by other Mac consultant; an eminent buyer for a completely different firm while attempting to procure few of high end Mac minis. He was informed by supplier that the model was totally out of stock at distributor’s end which possessed nil ETA from Apple for the eventual restocking.

Third person; regular purchaser of Mac minis in bulk quantum via Mac was advised by his contacts of Apple to submit his latest order that he actually needed for the coming few weeks thus indicating that there would be an extinction of the existing version.

Present scenario Mac mini shortage confirmation by AppleInsider

The Mac mini shortage reports by Apple were further revealed by AppleInsider’s routine check while updating Mac Guide for Pricing. As for the present week, almost half of the resellers who had maintained a preferable seat in the guide for pricing reflected nil inventories of none of the current Mac mini configurations. Thus, they have highly recommended customers to call and check on the product availability. Calls will invariably suggest that new orders will be covered not earliest by coming week.

In March, AppleInsider reported that next generation Mac mini are routing via verification test; Cupertino-based which were observed with HDMI rather than DVI port. At least one of prototypes of Mac mini was revealed to possess Nvidia’s MCP89 chipset which is successor of MCP79 or GeForce9400M chipset found along with Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor across the maximum product lines of Apple’s 2009.

The dual Mac tips availed by people who predicted that in February Apple will introduce its advanced automatic graphic switching on its Professional Mac Book Pro line. This prediction was proved true when company in April grandly unveiled its freshest models in Mac mini line which was last updated in late October, introduced models with faster Core 2 Duo Processors and proving a third sever oriented configuration that avails an optical drive.

Although on one end all these findings truly reveal the signs that Apple is undoubtedly reducing the production of its existing Mac minis and is into the distribution of its new models but on the other side company has termed its three freshest models as most energy efficient desktops of globe.