A French-Canadian news site, Cyberpress.ca has reported on Wednesday that Apple has recently acquired the company Poly9. The move is already in motion because the majority of the company’s employees have just been relocated to California and the former Poly9 official website is now non-operational.

Apple Maps Has a Catchy Ring to It

Poly9 Globe is a company that provides a variety of products that are described as a “cross-browser, cross-platform three dimensional globes that do not require any kind of download.” The new and interactive software will allow the users to spin their own three-dimensional rendering of the Earth while it’s providing real-time statistics on the user’s virtual location and this includes altitude statistics as well.

The whole application will include the usual but improved high-resolution imagery for the U.S. metropolitan areas and is sized at 303kb. The program of the Poly9 company has recently been listed as discontinued on their official website but there is still a working demo there. The Poly9 Globe can also be seen in various websites like Skype and Surveys.com.

The Word on the Street Says

There have been numerous reports claiming that Poly9 was purchases recently by Apple but there is still no word from both camps whether this is true or not. There has been speculation and discussions that Cupertino, Apple’s California company, has asked the employees of Poly9 not to divulge anything to any probing entities.

Although Ploy9 still has a functioning office in Quebec, there is talk that the said office has been closed recently, apparently just a few weeks ago. The Canadian company is popular among the big names in the business like Apple, Microsoft, MSNBC and NORAD. If the reports turn out to be true, then this purchase of the Poly9 company can be labeled as the second mapping acquisition for Apple. Last year, it was revealed that the company purchased the company Placebase, one of the competitors of Google Maps.

There has been some talk over the acquisition of Placebase saying that it is the start of Apple’s plans to delve into the world of mapping software. The most probable cause would be for their mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. Apple is quickly becoming the search giant, Google’s biggest rival. This makes the involvement of Apple in the same ventures as Google less of a surprise. Right now, Apple is still partnering with Google on its Maps application for their gadgets and software.

Last November, some evidence surfaced that stated that Apple is also planning to try their luck in the mapping software application. A company job listing was found hiring someone who can help take the iPhone’s Maps application “to the next level.”

It was said that the company had this idea and needed to “rethink how users use maps and change the way people find things.” Their plans to go through with this promise to be seamless, highly interactive and definitely satisfying for everyone involved. This new venture will take Apple to the next level and make its fans even happier than they already are with the recent products of Apple.