Apple has made known to the public its decision to make another attempt in creating a product for the living room. The first attempt was with the Apple TV which turned out to be one very public failure. Maybe now that it wants to try its luck with the gaming console industry, maybe they will finally prevail.

Apple VS Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

This major decision will throw Apple within the ring where the big time pioneering companies that have been in the gaming business for far longer are still butting heads trying to get ahead of each other. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are way ahead of the game but that doesn’t mean that Apple cannot put their two cents in the mix. The thing about Apple’s decision is that it will probably work. All that the biggest-selling and most media-rounded company has to do is make their own version of the newest products that these companies have put out.

The question everyone is asking, why Apple would even want to focus on a gaming device now that they are at their peak with the iSeries. The answer would be that because of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad’s hold on the majority of the consumers, Apple is in fact the holder of the biggest ecosystem of game developers in any of the consumer electronics platform. Neither Microsoft, Sony nor Nintendo hold that title. Apple’s iOS is now the hottest and quickest-growing gaming platform in the whole world.

Imagine the coolest game controller that can be maximized more than the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Even at this moment, they are developing gyroscopes for the new iPhones. The only downside to this deal is that the controllers are going to be very, very expensive. But, since people are buying $200 dollar gadgets by the millions nowadays, that can hardly be counted as a problem.

The iPad and iPhone 4 are getting the iOS game developers used to developing their gadgets for a higher-resolution device. The possibility of a high definition television is there but with cases like these, developers would need to adjust their applications and UI’s so that they can deal with the fact that televisions can’t be turned into touch screens even if there are indeed controllers for them.

Apple is also said to be developing a new social gaming service called the “Game Center”. This was shown at the iOS 4 preview event last April. There is no reason why this has to be an option for mobile devices only, anyway.

An Internet video device, on the other hand would not reel in that many consumers. But with a game console, they can relate to the public’s need for a non-productive way to waste time because, facing the reality of it all, that is the most sellable demographic. In this case, Apple would probably focus more on casual games that will appeal to a much wider audience than their game-focused rivals.

Classic Apple Features

The Apple gaming device will probably be a full-featured Internet/video device with apps from their partners, Netflix, Hulu, ABC, and others. ITunes TV, movie rentals and other apps won’t be far from it anyway. It is also possible that a DVD player will be added so it can replace the box that is already hooked up to the TV so it will not require another port. There might be a camera as well, whether it’s built-in or not is the question but what can attract an audience more than the possibility of FaceTime calls inside you living room on your giant TV.
This is probably a good business venture for Apple’s iAd business, especially now that the home has become more entertaining than the outside world. This is a big challenge for Apple and the avid fans still haven’t forgotten that incident with their gaming device Pippin. However, Apple has been outdoing itself for the past few years and it won’t be any surprise if this next endeavor will actually work. If they can make this device for $200 then no matter how crappy it is, it will definitely sell.